CraftLaser is certified as a Class 1 Laser Product

Yes, now we have the UL and FDA approval.


LionsForge CraftLaser®

Make anywhere.

With its first entry to the marketplace, LionsForge is proud to present the CraftLaser, the first truly portable laser cutter engraver with built in cooling and air filtration system. Designed from the the ground up to be reliable , user friendly and maintenance free the CraftLaser is a valuable ally to any crafter and a new source of revenue for entrepreneurs. How you use it and what you use to make with it is only limited by the imagination.

Production has begun!

CraftLaser Production Started

We have started delivering the Craftlaser.

 Preorder has ended but you can still enjoy 10% off the full retail price.


The LionsForge CraftLaser has been very successful on Indiegogo.  Please subscribe here for updates, to stay abreast of our production schedule and also where we will be showing off the CraftLaser in Singapore.

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