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We dream and you can too


LionsForge wants to empower people to make things with the help of easy-to-use technology and by so doing, spark the next industrial revolution right from the home. We aspire to provide the resources to better the lives of the common people through technology, training and education.

Our philosophy of “Forge Your Future” is to empower every person to believe that we can build our own successful products through innovation and resourcefulness.

It all started when Kee Wee, our founding member, observed that the manufacturing sector in Singapore has been shrinking rapidly. However, Kee Wee believes that Singaporeans are innovative people who have great ideas but most simply cannot find the time or the means to realize their dream of making the products. Since then Kee Wee has become somewhat of an evangelist for a new industrial revolution where power is put in the hands of everyone to produce innovative products that do not require big corporations, intimidating complex technologies or large expensive factories.

Kee Wee was previously an Instructor and Weapons System Officer who flew the F-16 for the Republic of Singapore Air Force. Right before he left the RSAF, He was deployed in the Future Systems Technology Department, where he flexed his engineering mind. He believes in the power of open source technologies and in using it to help the community with projects to better their lives.

Together with Kee Wee are two other equally passionate individuals who have bought the mantra “Forge Your Future”.

David has over 40 years of engineering experience and has helped to develop our first product, the Portable CO2 Laser Cutter. He brought his years of engineering prowess garnered from Installations and maintenance of Power Generation Plants, Incineration Plants, building and running a floating fish farm to building and running a palm oil plantation with automation to increase efficiency. He also has experience in the fast craft industry where he built military assault boats for the Republic of Singapore Navy.

The third person on the team is Jeremy. Jeremy was an RSAF “Black Knight” who flew the F16 and a qualified flying instructor, he has great problem-solving skills and shares the love for tinkering and finding ways to make things work better. Since Jeremy and Kee Wee used to fly alongside in missions, they now apply the same mission planning discipline to execute projects together to bring the innovative products of Lionsforge to fruition.

For our team, we strive firstly to create and build innovative machines so that you can turn your designs into reality. Secondly, we aim to provide an impetus in innovative engineering to bring manufacturing to everyone and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating things in Singapore. Together, let’s forge the future.




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