It’s Sunday 25th March and this marks the end of our participation at the FOSSASIA Summit 2018.

The event was huge, with many professionals coming together to showcase their products and to check out the latest technology in the world. More than 200 speakers gave their views on the latest technological developments.

For us, it was one hectic event right from the beginning to the end, but it was all worth it as it was the opportunity for us to showcase our final prototype of the CraftLaser to the participants of the event and for the participants to meet the people behind LionsForge. We were awestruck by the number of encouraging comments and had no shortage of visitors to our booth who expressed their interest in purchasing the product. These visitors were also impressed at the thought put into the design – from safety, performance, to the launch price. We also did a couple of demo cuts and made a couple of customized items for our visitors to take home with them as souvenirs.

After all these supportive comments and such a huge amount of interest, we can’t wait to launch the CraftLaser in a month’s time on Kickstarter. We are looking forward to updating all those who have expressed interest in purchasing the CraftLaser as soon as they can do so on Kickstarter. Till then, stay tuned as we continue to work hard to prime the CraftLaser and refine all other areas in preparation for its debut on Kickstarter.

Just a note, we are at the brink of bringing the CraftLaser into production and it will all depend on the response we get from Kickstarter. Production time will approximately be 6 months.

Till then, thank you once again for your support and for following us on this journey as we prepare to put this MADE IN SINGAPORE product into the global market. We are honoured to have you follow us as we strive to make our little red dot even greater and empower you with the equipment and resources to FORGE YOUR FUTURE.

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