Nowadays, dealing with COVID-19 is becoming more of a norm around the world. It is mandatory for masks to be worn in this new environment, however, there are scenarios which make wearing a mask difficult or not possible. For example, hawker chef, labourer, etc.

The objective of this project is to share and kickstart alternate breathing apparatus that facilitates ease of breathing, provide the same or better protection than the regular mask and has a low running cost.

The main approach to this project is to use UVC to clean inhaled/exhaled air.
– Breathing though UVC LED disinfection system vs a mechanical filter
– Maximising UVC exposure time through the measured cavity size
– Light and easy to carry/sling
– Battery or plug-in option

These are some of the resources if you intend to try out this project with your laser cutter at home.

If you are not sure about owning a laser cutter or would like to get one, do contact us at in order for us to assist you. Alternatively, you can check out the laser cutter that we manufacture right here in Singapore at

Masks: Laser Cut Files (SVG) and 3D Files (STL)

UVC Disinfection Unit: Laser Cut Files