Here are some common questions about the Lionsforge Craftlaser.

What is the Craftlaser?

What is a Laser Cutter?

Laser Cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. Only recently, is it used in schools, small businesses, and hobbyists. A laser cutter helps you to make accurate cuts of a great variety of materials especially for intricate designs that are difficult to cut by hand.

What makes the Lionsforge Craftlaser so special?

The Craftlaser is a purpose-built CO2 Laser cutter designed from the ground up. It does not require external auxiliaries. It is stowable, portable and safe for home use.

What can I do with the Lionsforge Craftlaser?

The Craftlaser can cut and engrave on different materials with great precision. These materials include wood, plastic, paper, leather, fabric, and more. You can make small crafts, toys, home decor and many useful things, the possibilities are endless.

How is the Lionsforge Craftlaser different from other CO2 laser cutters?

The Craftlaser is the first Full-metal enclosure CO2 laser cutter that provides maximum protection to you and your family, much like owning a Blu-ray Player.  The Craftlaser is lightweight and has a luggable design that makes it the only CO2 laser cutter that is stowable and perfect for users with limited space. Also, you do not need to plug in an extra air extractor (also means you don’t need to be close to a window or door to vent the extracted air) and you also do not need to plug in an external cooling system to use it. No ugly water pipings and pails of water to deal with.

Using the Craftlaser

Can I use the Lionsforge Craftlaser at home?

Craftlaser is designed to meet the IEC standard for a Class 1 Laser Equipment, equivalent to a blu-ray player. It has a built-in cooling system, thus reducing the risk of fire. It is also fully enclosed and fitted with an air scrubbing system using a HEPA filter to mitigate the smoke emitted during the cutting.


Is it truly portable and requires no calibration?

Yes. In the last few months, we have flown to Vietnam, Germany and South Korea with the Craftlaser for events. The Craftlaser was simply checked in like a check-in luggage and we are pleased to announce that we have used the Craftlaser at the events without any re-calibration. 

The Craftlaser uses a rigid alignment design that means the laser doesn’t need to be realigned or calibrated. This adds to the safety of the Craftlaser and makes it truly portable.

What kind of software do I need to use the Lionsforge Craftlaser?

You can simply download the Open Source software called Inkscape to import any image files, work on it and export it into a laser cutting file (gcode) for the Craftlaser.  You do not need to plug your computer into Craftlaser, just copy the file into an SD card and plug it into the Craftlaser and select the option to cut. 

Can my child use the Lionsforge Craftlaser?

Craftlaser is safe and easy to use, and perfect for children to unleash their creativity.  However, for children under 14, supervision is advised.

Can I start using it the moment I get it?

Craftlaser is incredibly easy to use, and ready to use out of the box. Just plug in the power, load up your desired material and favourite design files, and we are ready to go.

Your Craftlaser comes with a detailed manual to help you learn to use it easily and quickly.

We’ve seen incredible creativity from people ranging from preschool students to great-grandparents. We have no doubt you’ll be able to create amazing things!

When can I buy the Craftlaser?

Where and When can I buy the Craftlaser?

Very Soon! We are busy preparing the Craftlaser for production and getting all the necessary safety certification. Sign up for updates to be the first to own one. Or contact us about pre-ordering.

How can I get email updates on Craftlaser?

You can sign up here to get our latest updates or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.



The Lionsforge Craftlaser will go into full production very soon in 2019.

Contact us for more information or ask us about pre-ordering the Craftlaser.

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