Fire Test on Casing

LionsForge is proud of the extruded aluminium casing used in the construction of the CraftLaser . Completely fire resistant, whilst providing the laser cutter a casing that is sturdy and tough, and also functions as a massive heat sink to keep temperatures at bay.

Laser cutter fires are a real threat and not to be taken lightly. Many have lost their properties and suffered the consequences of using equipment with little or zero fire safety systems built into it.

With the CraftLaser , the fire is contained within the machine, and eventually suffocates itself once the oxygen levels within the machine depletes. On top of that, there are heat sensors that detect unusual temperatures which could mean a fire, and signals the CraftLaser to shut off all operation.

Do not put your household, offices, schools, workshops, and your valuables at risk. Use equipment that is certified safe and tested by the relevant agencies, such as third party testers. For certified home safe laser cutters, the CraftLaser is a good companion for your laser cutter needs, and it is currently the preferred choice for educational institutes in Singapore, from primary schools to universities.