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The LionsForge CraftLaser is the world’s only Portable 40W CO2 laser cutter that is certified Class 1 Safe, which is developed with the aim of bringing professional level quality laser cutting and engraving capabilities into the home safely and legally. It is an All-In-One laser cutter which is portable and loaded with safety features that allows it to be used anywhere without an external extractor or chiller. No dangerous alignment needed, all that’s required is a power socket, plug in the power cord and start cutting/engraving.

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Fully loaded.

safety equals freedom

The CraftLaser is designed to be used anywhere there is a power source. With its high efficiency built-in air filtration using medical grade H13 HEPA filter, powerful fans and our proprietary air scrubbing system, users no longer have to worry about the smoke and fumes generated from operating a laser cutter. It is the world’s only self-contained CO2 laser that meets the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) design criteria for portability.

Conventional laser cutters are not designed to be used by non-qualified individuals due to safety concerns.They also require additional equipment to extract and vent the smoke and fumes generated. Not only does that mean additional expenses, it also means users are limited where they can use the machine as they have to have space for this additional equipment as well as be close to an air outlet where the extracted smoke and fumes can be vented.  In addition, they may only be operated in an industrial setting cleared for use of these classes of machines.

In addition, thanks to its detachable wheels and manageable weight, CraftLaser can be moved with ease and conveniently stowed away until the next time you need it.

No Alignment Needed

because ain’t nobody got time for that.

CraftLaser features a rigid alignment design that requires no manual alignment from users prior to operation. By fusing the laser and optics mounts into one integrated unit, CraftLaser is built like a sniper rifle, giving it superior alignment rigidity. In addition, CraftLaser uses an industrial linear bearing block and high precision lead-screw drive to ensure consistent and reliable performance. Many cheaper designs require manual alignment which is an arduous, time consuming and often frustrating process. Just Google it and see for yourself. With the CraftLaser, You can take it from one location, transport it to another, plug it in, and its ready to go.

Auto Focus

so you don’t have to.

Another feature of the CraftLaser is its ability to autofocus. This is another area that users will have to spend time on with machines that do not have this feature. You will spend less time worrying about making the machine work and more time actually crafting your creation.

Even Cutting And Engraving Results

no surprises.

With the CraftLaser’s alignment free design and autofocus, users will get even and predictable results throughout the entire cutting area, something that users expect but do not always get with other machines.

See Where And What You Cut

yes you can watch.

CraftLaser comes with two HD cameras that allow you to see what is going on. One camera is aimed to show where the laser is going to cut (you can use this to aim the laser and place your design anywhere within the cutting area), and the second camera gives you an overall view.

Full Metal Construction (Look Ma, No Glass)

built military tough.

CraftLaser is fully enclosed in a custom extruded aluminium casing to provide maximum safety. In our past lives we were F16 pilots so we understand the importance of strength, safety and light weight. We avoided using glass in the design so there is no chance stray laser beams will escape the enclosure and cause havoc. Tanks are not clad with glass and neither should your laser cutter.


is number one priority.

We built in multi layered safety features with the CraftLaser. If the drawer is opened at anytime during the cutting or engraving process, power is cut to the laser immediately. There is also a emergency cutoff switch, just hit it and power is cut to the laser. In addition, we also provided a lock and key system so users can lock the machine and have peace of mind that the CraftLaser will only be operated with their consent and knowledge.

No Hidden Costs

more money in your pocket.

CraftLaser has been designed to be as hassle free as possible for users. With its highly efficient built-in air filtration system, smoke and fumes are trapped in the H13 air filter. You don’t need to buy additional equipment to filter and vent fumes, which could easily amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You also don’t need to buy tools to align the laser since there is no need for you to do so with the CraftLaser.

Extras, I mean NO extra costs

because nobody doesn’t like free stuff.

Your CraftLaser comes with an extra attachment in case you prefer not to use the HEPA filter and just vent the fumes outdoors. Also, if you get yours on Indiegogo, we’ll even throw in a free LCD colour display so you can see what’s going on in the CraftLaser as it works. Bonus!

Easy to use.

simple is best

CraftLaser is easy to use. We designed it so anyone with an idea can turn it into a reality.


  1. Create your design using a program like Inkscape or Illustrator.
  2. Export your design to an SD card.
  3. Plug SD card into CraftLaser.

That’s it! Then just sit back and watch your design come to life.

Technical Specifications of the LionsForge Craftlaser™

Dimensions 800mm x 517mm x 262mm
Weight 30 kg
Laser Tube Sealed off CO2 Laser, maintenance-free
Laser Power 40W with 20mm Auto Height Focus (67.5mm Focal Length)
Laser Safety Class 1
Work Area 420mm x 300mm (A3 Size)
Max Workpiece Height 70mm
Cutting Performance Up to 6mm Plywood or acrylic equivalent in 1 pass
Engraving Performance 20mm thick artifact or up to 70mm thick artifacts with cutting tray removed.

Extra Specifications that makes the CraftLaser™ – The Class Leader.

Built in Filtration System

Using a replaceable H13 HEPA Filter – Efficiency 99.99% @ 0.3 nanometer

with Built-in Fumes Extractor and Built-in Air Assist System

Portable 4 detachable High-Quality Multi-direction wheels. Light Weight.
Cooling Built-in Cooling System
Extra Safety

Full Metal Encasement (remote viewing of work area) with Class 1 Laser.

Emergency Stop Button

Child Safety Key Lock

Magnetic Laser Latch

Craft a build, or build a craft.

new horizons await you

CraftLaser was envisioned as a way to bring laser cutting to everyone. Hobbyists, craftsmen and enthusiasts can now have the power of laser cutting and engraving at their disposal.

However, more than that, CraftLaser was also conceived as  a way to open new avenues for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to its capabilities, advanced safety features and friendly price, offering laser cutting and engraving services is now within reach.

So be fearless, press forward, and forge your future.


Contact us for more information on the Craflaser or if your need support or help with your new Craftlaser.


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