Hi all,

It has been a couple of weeks since our last update. Just to keep all LionsForge followers in the loop, here’s a quick development update. As most of us know, the journey towards making a product is tiresome, challenging and unforgiving. To make matters “worse”, the guys at LionsForge only strive for the best in their products and in everything that they do. Although we do not compromise on quality, we still work within our means and not gravitate towards a “money is no object” route.


We went through a couple of iterations for the product and one of the main objectives was to ensure that the machine does not pose a hazard to the user. To be even more pedantic with that objective, we did not want users to deck themselves up with protective equipment, even though the thought of seeing users decked out in HAZMAT suits is rather amusing. Nope, no user should have any need of protective equipment in order to use a LionsForge product and that was final.

In the beginning, we started using cheap filters as we slowly but surely nailed every objective we had. Filtration performance was left much later in the development cycle, which did not help with our well-being unfortunately. Retrospectively, we should have started with nailing filter performance instead of exposing ourselves to really unhealthy levels of poorly filtered air. Then again hindsight is 20/20.


The search for a suitable filter was rather arduous. Scrummaging through various off the shelf filters was already hard enough. Trying to retrofit these filters only made things harder. And when we thought we found the perfect fit, they failed the rigorous tests horribly after we put them through their paces.

Note to self, do not trust every specification that is on the package. As a Singaporean outfit, and having Singlish as our way of life, we could aptly term some of the specifications and certifications as Kelong. (Extracted from UrbanDictionary: A term used in Singapore / Malaysia to indicate cheating, to achieve an objective by non appropriate means.)

As much as we would like to keep cost to the minimum, we finally relented and assessed that it would be wiser to go with customizing a filter that would meet our stringent requirements. We are not just satisfied with meeting standards, but rather to exceed them extravagantly. #bragging rights


Given the characters at LionsForge, I must say that opening up multiple cans of worms is just one of our inglorious traits. Having made the decision to customize the filter, we were left with the challenge to design the dimensions of the filter. It sounded easy at first and we were elated with the fact that we finally did not have to design the product around a filter. Unfortunately, this was an even harder thing to do as we had to decide on dimensions, filter performance, looks, etc etc.

In short, after deciding on the design, specifications, etc etc, and after a couple of rounds of mind numbing rigorous testing, we finally came up with what you see on this page. A beautifully designed, high performance and well engineered filter. I’ll leave out the specifications for now as we will only reveal it on the day that we launch the product.

Well, that’s all for now.

The Characters @ LionsForge – Challenging and Pushing Limits.