There are many places that are either in full or partial lockdown around the world. This has caused access to maker spaces and workshops to be severely limited.

It is essential to allow the communities around the world to continue to help produce large quantities of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in order to protect our frontline workers, so as to cope with the rising number of COVID-19 patients.

This project aims to design a simple system that will allow an individual to mass produce face-shields using A4 PVC transparent sheets which are readily available.

So how do we approach this?

We have decided to use a Jig System as this will allow consistent production.
– Simple jig that can be easily produced
– Easily distributed to community volunteers
– Use the jig to mass produce face shields from home using simple household tools and A4 PVC sheet (or any clear plastic).


Link to Jig Usage and FaceShield making instructions

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