It has been almost a month since Singapore started its Circuit Breaker (CB). Majority have taken the restrictions in their strides and played their part in staying home, safe distancing and being responsible towards each other and the community in the effort to stop the spread of the corona virus.
However, there are still quite a number of people who are still doing their job at the frontlines, making sure that our environment is clean, removing the garbage that piles up everyday and making sure that amenities continue to function and remain serviceable. Frontline workers that are still working in environments that could expose them to the virus in order to help those in need.

The need for Personal Protective Equipement (PPE) was definitely a priority and we wanted to help the situation by finding a way to produce face shields for these workers in the fastest and most efficient manner. This led us to think of a jig to help with the production. You could read more about it from the previous post Face Shield Jig for Community Production.
A call for volunteers to help with the production went out and almost immediately, many came forward to give the much needed manpower to mass produce face shields with the laser cut jig.
We would like to thank Lianhe Zaobao for publishing this effort and to all the volunteers that heeded the call. This could never be accomplished if not for your help and time.

Currently, deliveries are going out to our town councils to equip our cleaners with these face shields, so that they could have the added protection for their face and eyes from the virus.
We would also like to thank to all the volunteers that emailed us. We are still receiving requests from the town councils and other agencies for these face shields, therefore we will contact you as the need for manpower comes again.

Here is just a gallery of the town councils and workers that have received and are using the face shields.

On this Mayday, let us not forget the unsung heroes working tirelessly at the frontlines with its inherent risks in this pandemic. We are glad that face shields made by our volunteers have reached essential workers who continue to keep our estates clean and running, offering them more protection they will need in the long fight.
Essential labour extends to those who readily answer the call to help govt, NGOs and care providing operations in this time.
We are humbled by the way people in Singapore has responded to the needs of others. Let us press on in this fight.