It is day 10 of Circuit Breaker in Singapore, and many Singaporeans are spending an extended amount of time at home.
Why not take the opportunity to do some home improvement projects?

These are just some ideas or techniques that you could explore if you have a laser cutter/engraver at home.

How about producing a lamp shade? Multiple pieces of leaf shaped wood, joined by wooden spines the form the skeleton of the lamp shade.

A pencil case sits on top of the CraftLaser laser, ready for your children to have their very own customised design, which they can further decorate by painting or if they’re more adventurous, heat transfer prints, something that they could b proud to have.

If you’re a handyman at home or about to do some major floor renovations, how about exploring engraving some tiles for your home? Imagine a customised design tile at your front door greeting your guest with a design that you came up with, engraved into the wall tiles or floor tiles?

Having those nights where you just can’t sleep and just want to read or chill in a dimly lit and relaxing atmosphere?
Instead of having a conventional table lamp, you could have a lamp designed with patterns that you love highlighted by the light produced within.
Laser cut wood doesn’t need to be flat. By incorporating “living hinge” cuts, it allows you to bend the wood at more than 90 degrees to achieve a seamless bend.

A table lamp fully produced by laser cutting A3 size pieces of wood and combined via a circular structured frame.
This is a more open design allowing more light to emanate from the lamp if you would like to brighten the room up much more than the table lamp featured above.

Running out of hangers and the store is closed? This is easily solved by laser cutting a hanger with your own personal household design to call it your very own.

Anyways, if you’d like to know more, or are keen on getting in on laser cutting, do feel free to contact us at, find out more about the CraftLaser here.
We are the manufacturers of the CraftLaser, a proudly Made in Singapore product, therefore you are assured of full local support.