Lionsforge was privileged to be invited to take part in City Ramble 2018 as part of City Ramble Process at the Funan Showsuite from 10-11th Mar 2018. This event is part of the Singapore Design Week 2018 and organised by Shophouse and Co.

Although we only had 10 days to get ready, it was exciting and great fun.

Kiwi came up with the idea to involve 6 Singaporean artists and we decided on a theme: Local Art through Local Tech. The idea is to get the 6 Singaporean artists (Jeremy Hiah, Seelan Parley, Rachel, Debra Ong, Jireh and Veronyka) to create 6 unique artworks by using our Laser Cutter!

And so we did it through many sleepless nights and our machine ran continuously for 5 days straight to make it to the setup on 9th Mar 2018!

Although it was tough going because of the tight schedule, we built team spirit and we also proved that even our test machine, which we used to cut everything, was durable and up to the task of constant running.

We hope you like the artworks and we will see you at FOSSASIA 2018 from 22-25th Mar 2018 at the Singapore Learning Hub.