Christmas is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate than to start making Christmas decorations as part of our testing!

Stumbled across a piece of acrylic lying about and had no idea who it belonged to. Since, no one claimed ownership, the Maker-Spark just had to ignite. What was once a benign looking piece of red acrylic became a beautiful and intricate piece of Christmas ornament. We love how the light interacts with the acrylic and gives it that little shimmer around the edges.

Made a pit stop at the local DIY store and got a couple of pieces of plywood. Fired up the machine for the after lunch round of testing and out came this piece for the office coffee table. We are amazed at how nicely the wood was cut especially at those small and hard to reach areas. I can’t imagine doing this with a file years ago during woodworking class, then again, they never had technology like what we are developing now!