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We created the Safest 40W CO2 Laser Cutter, our Craftlaser. UL certified as a Class 1 Laser Safe Device.

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Portable and Stowable

Portable and Stowable

Perfect for use in tight and space limited places Many laser cutters are too big to be placed at home or even in small offices. On the other extreme, the small ones are sized like a large desktop printer, which results in limited cutting area and worse still, limited...

Throwback to ChannelNewsAsia Interview 2019

Throwback to ChannelNewsAsia Interview 2019

Throwback to our CEO, Kee Wee, being invited to join in an interview with John Yip on Science Made Easy. Kee Wee gives us a brief description of the CraftLaser that will enable HDB households to turn their homes into workshops and garages and help start a cottage...

Our year in review – Craftlaser in 2019

Lionsforge went through a phenomenal 2019, from getting the CraftLaser certified as Class 1 Laser Device and entering into Full Production. Now the CraftLaser is officially a product that you can purchased! This is huge for a small startup in Singapore. We say Dare to Dream!

Entering Main Stream Education

Entering Main Stream Education

We delivered the CraftLaser to the Academy of Singapore Teachers, Ministry of Education. As education is always evolving, we hope to see the CraftLaser contribute to the evolution of our Singapore education system. The CraftLaser has established itself in many of the...

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