Perfect for use in tight and space limited places

Many laser cutters are too big to be placed at home or even in small offices. On the other extreme, the small ones are sized like a large desktop printer, which results in limited cutting area and worse still, limited cutting power. A 2W laser is not going to do much but scar a little piece of plastic or wood. 

The CraftLaser on the other hand is the World’s Only Portable Class 1 40W Laser Cutter which has the capability to overcome these issues. It is the size of a medium size luggage, and has a usable cutting area of 420mm by 297mm. (A3 Size)

Once you’re done with laser cutting, the space used by the CraftLaser can be freed up easily as the CraftLaser is able to be stowed like a luggage by standing it up on its high quality wheels and pushed aside to the corner of your store room until you next use it.

No hoses to detach, no chiller to remove nor any exhaust system to pull apart. Just simply unplug the CraftLaser from your household power socket, and its ready to be stored. 

Setting it up is just as easy. Roll the CraftLaser to your preferred workspace, lift the CraftLaser, which is only 50lbs (lightest in this class of laser cutters), and place it on a flat surface and its ready for action.

GOOGLE – Class Leading and unrivalled portability.
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