It’s all about precision and quality.

Building a machine is already a mind blowing experience. From conceptual designs, endless hours of discussions, getting parts, fitting them together, trying it out and getting hurt along the way, going back to the drawing board and doing it all over again. We just couldn’t count the number of times things didn’t work out as planned, however, with sheer determination, grit and resilience, we are getting there.

Having spent so much time and energy into developing our vision, we wanted nothing but the best in it. As with everything, cost does come into play and we have to manage it accordingly, however, we still manage to figure out ways to develop and produce good components.


The evolution of components is the inevitability of having the desire to produce the best.

Honestly speaking, we took a little longer than usual to get this into the test rig as we just couldn’t help but admire the cold hard aluminum and precision engineering that went into this piece.

The precise fitment and smoothness of movement when both pieces were put together and interacted, just gave us that feeling of a very high quality component, much akin to the components of a very expensive and luxurious Swiss timepiece.

More to come as we continue to work hard to give the best and only the best for a MADE IN SINGAPORE product. No Compromises.