High Performance Powered External Filtration Unit


The ultimate high performance powered external filter for your CraftLaser that will give the ultimate in high performance external filtration, optimised for the CraftLaser for indoor use.

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For those that would like to have the ultimate performance in laser cutter exhaust filtration, look no further because the LionsForge High Performance Powered External Filtration Unit is now available for purchase.

Designed and Made in Singapore, this standalone powerful external filter is a complete plug and play unit that is simple to use, no frills and gives reliable and extreme filtration performance for indoor use. 

This means that your CraftLaser Laser Cutter can run without the internal filtration thus greatly reducing the noise emission and makes the CraftLaser work so quietly that it will be right at home in the Library.

Additional information


Breath: 310mm
Depth: 320mm
Any 100 mm duct will fit.

Power Requirement

220-240v AC

Filters Included

Pre filter, HEPA, High Capacity Activated Carbon and Fine Pleated Activated Carbon

Flow Rating

from 2 X Low noise high static pressure fans

Replacement Filters

Full Set Replacement of Filters ($220SGD)
Individual filters
Pre Filter – $45
HEPA – $128
High Capacity Activated Carbon – $67
Fine Pleated Activated Carbon – $48
Whole Set: $220


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