Consequence of bad fire safety for laser cutter
In LionsForge, when we design our laser cutter, we put Laser and Fire safety above all else. Fanciful bells and whistles features or aesthetics never come between us and our pursuit to produce the safest laser cutter in the market.
Safest Laser Cutter
Drawing from our own hard learnt lessons as well as from others, we are fully aware of the disastrous consequences of laser and/or fire accidents that have occurred with the leading brands of laser cutters in the market. To market laser cutters to schools, offices or even homes would be irresponsible if improvements are not made to the conventional laser cutter design in order to enhance laser and fire protection.
Therefore we developed the CraftLaser, equipped with first-in-the market safety design features such as full metal enclosures and built-in fire detection with auto power cut-off, in order to provide the best Laser and Fire protection in the market. Check the CraftLaser’s full specifications here . After more than 130 sets of CraftLasers in circulation and more than 500 days of operations, we are glad that there are zero laser and fire accidents! A small testament to its safety features.