Lionsforge CraftLaser Support


Thank you for purchasing the CraftLaser. Here are the documents for you to get started right away! Click to download the pdf and you are all set. 


Download the unpacking guide here and unpack your CraftLaser quickly.

Quick Start

Read the quick start guide and start cutting right away. Remember to share your creations with us.  

Refilling Water

Download the instructions on how to fill the cooling system with water. 


Want to extract the best from the CraftLaser? Download this settings guideto fine tune your CraftLaser now.  

MAC OS Users

If you are a MAC user, please download and install Inkscape manually. You also need to add the extension for Repetier and 305 Engineering. Follow the 3 steps below, click on the links to download. 

Step 1.

Download Inkscape manually.

Download it here. 

Step 2.

Add Extension to Inkscape for Repetier.

Download the zip file here.

Step 3.

Add extension to Inkscape for 305 Engineering.

Download the zip file here.

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Watch Our Quick Guide Videos

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How to load materials to your CraftLaser?

Watch this short video and understand how easy it is to get started with your machine.  Open drawer, pop in the material, align and close. 

How to remove the honeycomb tray?

From time to time, you are required to remove the honeycomb tray for maintenance or for cuting materials that are thicker. 

How to work with different materials?

Learn how to work with different materials with different thickness in this video.

How to work with thicker materials?

Watch this video to understand how to insert materials that are thicker. 

How to install the external ducting?

If you want the ultimate filtration, use the external ducting. Find out how you can do that. 

Quick Tip: How to create a product that requires both rendering and cutting?

You have an image and you want to cut it with the Craftlaser but how?

Follow these 4-7 steps.

Step 1: Import the image into Inkscape

Step 2: Place the drawings as desired

Step 3: Send Graphics for Rastering (Engineering 305)

Step 4: Copy the file to SD card to start cutting.

Step 5 – 7. Optional.

Download PDF instructions here.



If you have any questions or technical issues with the CraftLaser, please drop us a message here and we will get in touch with you very soon.

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