A week has passed since our participation at the 2018 UNESCO Hackathon in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

We saw great minds coming together and working at a blistering pace to realise their product, which was a real treat and an eye opener.

Also, the CraftLaser did exceptionally well with it getting to Vietnam and back via check in baggage. It was a full on test on how well it would handle air travel and despite the tray suffering a dent, nothing else in the CraftLaser gave way.

We did a test run in the hotel and everything was fully functional, including the alignment of the laser which remained true thanks to it s rigid alignment system. By the way, we were able to use it in the hotel room because of its built in filtration system coupled with the customised Hospital grade HEPA and Carbon Activated filter.

With its all-in-one design, we brought it to the Hackathon, used it and then back to Singapore without a hitch. No external coolers, radiators or exhaust extractors needed, which is extremely convenient.

An awesome trip and once again.

The CraftLaser has proven that usable laser cutting and engraving technology can be brought anywhere and used anytime easily.

We even brought it along for supper in Ho Chi Minh.