As the name suggests, a laser cutter uses a laser to cut materials. Is this a new technology? Not at all. Laser Cutters have been around since 1965. In the 70s, they were mainly used to cut titanium and for aerospace applications, while the CO2 Laser Cutter was used to cut textiles.

In other words, laser cutters have been around as an industrial machine for industrial applications for more than 50 years. However, in recent years they have become more popular in schools, small businesses, and hobbyists. But not in the home.

Anyway, I have an old table lamp which has an aging lampshade, the wire and plugs are in great condition and it is a waste to throw it away. I could go to Ikea to look for a replacement lampshade or I could actually make 1.

Craftlaser laser cutter

So I simply turned on my laptop, found a design template online and plug this into Inkscape and output the file on my SD card. Walk over to the Laser Cutter, put in my SD Card. Place a piece of 3mm wood on the tray, adjusted the position and hit CUT! 20 minutes later, I retrieve all the pieces from the tray and assembled them and I have a brand new lamp shade.

Wait the minute! How can I do this at home? Wouldn’t the laser cutter need to be operated by a technician and be used in an industrial factory or maker space to avoid air pollution?

Craft Laser

Well, it is because the Craftlaser Laser Cutter which I used is portable and compact in size, so I can easily take it out and place in my living room for this project. And since this laser cutter does not produce any harmful fumes and can contain the smoke internally because it has a powerful air scrubbing system, I can use it in my living room. I also need not wear any protective eyewear because the Craftlaser is a Class 1 laser equipment, similar to my DVD player, so it is safe for my dogs too.

This lampshade is just one of many things I can make. I can also make coasters, table placemats, containers for all sorts of things, picture frames, magazine racks, art pieces and ornaments, gifts for my friends etc. In fact, the only thing I am limited by is my imagination and time!

The Craftlaser Laser Cutter is a 40W CO2 Laser Cutter that can cut and engrave various materials with precision and it can be used in your home without any special permit or without the need for a separate air extractor or cooling system.

The world will not just get another laser cutter, but get one that can be used safely at home.

The good folks at Lionsforge will be launching this product on Kickstarter in June 2018. Look out for it.