The last few weeks have been unprecedented where the number of people that have to work from home (WFH) have increased dramatically because of lockdowns around the world due to the Covid-19 situation. Many services which are essential to many business have been ordered to shutdown, affecting their businesses severely.

However, there are a handful of people that have made the best of the situation by not letting these restrictions keep their businesses from slowing down. These are stories from CraftLaser owners.

Ryan from Craft Edulabz needed to temporarily close his business due to the Circuit Breaker measures. One of the functions required in his business is laser cutting and engraving, which is also utilised by many small businesses as well. As with many non-essential services, laser cutting services in the country have also stopped and even businesses that have invested into this technology in their offices have to stop because the equipment is either stuck in their place of business, or even if they could bring it home with a lot of effort, it would still not be legal for them to use, and they risk getting caught and fined by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) due to the equipment safety rating.

This was where Ryan did not let the restrictions affect his business and decided to bring his laser cutter home and operate it legally in his residence. You may be wondering how he got around the difficulties of moving a laser cutter from his office back to his home and yet use it legally at home since laser cutters are usually Class 4 Laser Devices that require a license and permit to use.

Ryan was one of the first adopters of the CraftLaser, the world’s first portable class 1 40W CO2 laser cutter. (You can follow the hyperlink to know more about this amazing device.) His laser cutter weighs less than 25kg, with a unique rigid alignment system and rated class 1 laser safe.

This allowed Ryan to roll the CraftLaser with its high quality rollers to his Private Hire Vehicle, stuff it into the boot and bring it home easily. Setting it up was as easy as plugging in, with no dangerous alignment process to be done because it does not use any belts that will slack with tension. 

Class 1 laser safe and once it was on his desk, business continued right from his home immediately and legally. Impressive business continuity process inherently built into the design of the CraftLaser that gives users and businesses easy access to laser cutting and engraving technology safely anywhere and anytime.

On top of making products, Craft Edulabz is also holding classes using teleconferencing tools to continue with the laser cutting and making classes. We can’t show all the amazing things that Ryan and his team have made, so do check out their items, especially since Mother’s Day is fast approaching by finding them on Facebook and Instagram by searching for Craft Edulabz .

Here’s another user that had his business already set up from home. Previously a teacher, Kwang Wei’s interest in making drove his decision to purchase the CraftLaser, which has allowed him access to laser cutting technology to produce amazing products that he has been selling to his clients regularly. Do check out these items that he made recently for Mother’s Day, and do contact him on Carousell with user function “eltira” and see what he can customise for you.

Korograph is also a business that has been operating from their HDB flat in Jurong. Two childhood friends with the love for making have been creating products from a hub flat for some time now and you can follow them on Facebook by searching for Korograph. Pictures paint a thousand words so do hit them up if you’d like to see and grab hold of their products.